* Authentic Reproduction of a 1930's/40's Cleveland Neon Clock.
* Clock case is hand vacuum formed like the originals.
* Chrome band outlines the acrylic crystal dial opening.
* Two Hand-Formed neon rings with the illusion of three rings.
* Just like the originals, we only use reliable core & coil
  transformers to light the neon, Core & coil transformers can last
  20-25 years.
* 6' white cord with in-line on/off switch... U.L. Listed.
* Time-piece features improved quartz accuracy (battery included).
* Impressive 20" Diameter
* Get this, it's a Hefty 16 lbs!
* One Year Limited Warranty.
* Made in the USA by West Coast Custom Designs, LLC.
Quality Retail Priced at $399.95 ea.
Labor Intensive Hand
Vacuum-Forming is the
only way to reproduce
the classic clock case
just like the originals!
Talented Neon Artisans hand-form each neon tube... here in America.
Choose Your Clock!
No Graphics Clock
Of course the time telling numerals are there, but the clock dial comes with no graphics. Leave it the way it is or you can add your own graphics to the dial yourself or with help from your local sign/graphics shop.
Stock Graphics
Choose from our list of available graphics. In addition, you pick your clock case color and neon color.
$399.95 ea.
$399.95 ea.
Corporate Clocks
With years of experience and numerous Corporate Customers served, we are able to easily guide you through the process of creating a Corporate Clock that will represent you in the best possible light. 
the local diner enjoying a bacon cheese burger & cherry Coke. You look over at the wall neon clock, not because you have to be somewhere else, but because the clock is just cool!

Our American hand-built neon clock is our version of the iconic Cleveland Neon Clocks
Your sentimental journey takes you back to
built in the 1930's and 40's. Advertising everything from soda pop to cars, these clocks ruled.

Today's collectors pay $1,000 and up for original advertising Cleveland Neon Clocks when they rarely become available. Our replica offers the same quality & construction at one-third the price.

Our version is not for you if you are looking for a throw-away clock made in China. Our clock is built the old fashion way, one by one to last a lifetime. Invest in this beautiful work of art but be warned, to avoid a family fight, decide now who will get the clock when you leave this earth!
Beautiful Profile
It's Magic!
Look closely, you will see that the clock case radiates THREE colors, giving the illusion of three different neon tubes inside while only actually having two tubes. The clever way that these are designed allow the two neon tubes to combine in the middle neon clock case bubble to create the third color. We have all the color combinations available for you to see. Choose your two neon colors then check our Magic Color Section to see what color will be magically created.
Price's subject to change without notice.
It's Magic!
All Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Copyright West Coast Custom Designs, LLC.
No reproduction in whole or part without express written permission. All Rights Reserved.
Please Note:
This Clock is no longer available!