Our Mission
To Continually provide our customers with quality goods at the lowest possible prices.

In order to achieve our mission we will conduct our business with the following Code of Ethics in mind:

Our Code of Ethics
1. Obey the law.
2. Take care of our customers.
3. Take care of our employees.
4. Respect our suppliers and business partners.

1. Obey the Law
The law is irrefutable! Absent a moral imperative to challenge a law, we must conduct our business in total compliance with the laws and other legal requirements. We will respect all public officials and their positions. Conduct business in and with foreign customers in a manner that is legal and proper under United States law.

2. Take care of our Customers
Our customers are our reason for being - the key to our success. If we don't keep our customers happy, little else that we do will make a difference. We realize there are plenty of shopping alternatives for our customers and if they leave us, we cannot survive. Our customers have extended a trust to West Coast Custom Designs, LLC by virtue of shopping with us. We will succeed only if we do not violate the trust they have extended to us. To continue to earn their trust, we pledge to:

*Provide top-quality products at the best prices.
*Provide highest quality products.
*Provide our customers with a Limited 100% product
satisfaction guaranteed warranty (unless noted
elsewhere - please ask) on every product we sell.
*Assure our customers that we strive to represent every 
product truthfully and accurately.
*Provide our customers with the best customer service in  the industry.

3. Take care of our employees
Our employees are our most important asset and we are committed to providing them with rewarding challenges and ample opportunity for personal and career growth.

4. Respect our suppliers
Our suppliers are our partners in business and for us to prosper as a company, they must prosper with us. We will treat all suppliers and their representatives as you would expect to be treated if visiting their places of business. We will honor all commitments.

***These guidelines are exactly that - guidelines - some common sense rules for the conduct of our business. At the core of our philosophy as a company is the implicit understanding that all of us at West Coast Custom Designs, LLC, must conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner every day. In fact, dishonest conduct will not be tolerated. If we are in doubt as to what course of action to take on a business matter that is open to varying ethical interpretations, WE WILL STRIVE TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT.
All Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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No reproduction in whole or part without express written permission. All Rights Reserved.