12042-E Installation Guide
Read a great technical artical on Electronic Neon Transformers that appeared in the sign industry's
First and foremost, you must always refer to, and follow, the National Electric Code as well as local codes for proper installation of this product. The following is only a guide to some of the installation requirements. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of this transformer to ensure proper and safe installation, use and maintenance.

1. The 10035-E has a minimum load requirement of 2,000vts.  This means the transformer must see a minimum 2,000vt load. Failure to do so can cause damage, or shorten the life and performance of the transformer.

2. Limit overall length of the GTO leads from the transformer to under 6' (six feet). If possible, always try to "reduce" the length to as short as possible.

3. Do not extend the factory GTO leads on the transformer. Always work to mount the transformer as close to the neon as possible to allow the GTO cables to be as short as possible (see diagram below).

4. Never install the GTO cable into metallic conduit.

5. Never use metal tube supports.

6. Never use metal tie wire on the neon.

7. Keep both factory GTO cables (from the transformer) as close to the same length as possible.

8. Keep all GTO cables a minimum 1" (one inch) away from the transformer. Never run GTO cable next to or on top of the transformer.

9. Do not cross GTO cables. If the GTO cables come to close to each other, the transformer has the potential to shut down via the built-in ground fault circuitry.

10. Keep all GTO cables a minimum 1" (one inch) away from any metallic surface. If the GTO is mounted to close to metal, the transformer has the potential to shut down via the built-in ground fault circuitry and/or arc to the metal. This rule applies to the neon tubing as well: keep all neon tubing at least 1" away from any metal surface. The neon tubing can arc to the metal and/or activate the ground fault in the transformer.

11. Never overload the transformer. Exceeding the maximum recommended tube length can damage or shorten the life and performance of the transformer. Refer to the below footage chart.

12. This transformer is for INDOOR USE ONLY.

13. This transformer can be mounted directly on a metallic or nonmetallic surface however free air flow should be insured to provide adequate ventilation.

14. If mounting more than one transformer on a sign, it is VERY important that the transformers be mounted as far away from each other as possible. If they are mounted to close to each other, one or both unit's ground fault circuitry will shut down.

15. Do not mount the transformer on a surface which generates heat.

16. Again, you must always conform to all local and national electric codes when installing.

17. Never modify the power cord in any way. This includes removing or bending the grounding spade on the cord plug-in tip. Never cut off the power cord to hard wire. If you choose to modify the power cord - the WARRANTY IS VOIDED - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you feel your install requires the transformer to be hard wired in, we suggest
that you install a "add-a-tip" (see picture at
right) on the building power line. This allows
you to plug-in and unplug the transformer as
needed. These are inexpensive and are
readily available at most hardware stores
such as Ace, True Value, Home Depot and
Keep GTO from
transformer as
short as possible
***Always DEDUCT 1 foot for each pair of electrodes***
NEON                      ARGON
15mm    13mm    12mm    10mm    8mm
15mm    13mm    12mm    10mm    8mm
35'         31'          28'         23'        15'
42'         35'          33'         27'        15'
***Always DEDUCT 1 foot for each pair of electrodes***
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