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Added 1/14/10
Item: Book: LAKICH for light, for love, for life
Use: A must have for Lovers of Neon
WCCD Exclusive!  Each is Hand Signed by the Author!
Added 4/23/10
Use: Used to animate neon and light bulbs
Added 5/18/10
Use: To attach neon tubes.
Added 5/18/10
Use: GTO Pass Thru.
Added 7/14/11
Item: GTO-15 "Intregral Sleeved"
Use: Factory Sleeeved GTO Neon Wire
Added 9/16/11
Item: Closed Core and Coil
Use: Neon Art, Neon Clocks, Neon Sculptures and more...
New Products Since Our Last Catalog
*Note: some items may no longer be available.
Added 1/4/12

Item: 6,000vt 20mA Core and Coil

Added 7/12/12

Item: UL Listed 15,000vt 30mA Outdoor
Conventional/Magnetic Neon Transformer

Added 7/29/12

Item: Neon Book and DVD
Book: The Neon Engineers Notebook
DVD: Introduction To Neon

Added 8/2013

Item: Glass Files
Specially for Lead-Free Glass

Added 9/2013

Item: Neon Glass Bending Supplies

Added March 2014

Item: 8,000 volt 20mA Neon Sculpture Base

Added May 2014

Item: 9mm Clip-In Spring Loaded Tube Support

Added May 2014

Item: Neon or Glass Blowing 
Blow Hose Adapter Kit

Added May 2014

Item: "Smaller Size"
Simulated Failing Neon Controller

Added July 2014

Item: "Wet Location"
#100 Glass Housing Front Cap

Added July 2014

Item: 8mm Clip-In Spring Loaded Tube Support

Added Aug. 2014


Added Aug. 2014

Item: Universal Neon Tube Support

Added Aug. 2014

Item: Super Small 3,000vt 30mA Transformer

Added April 2015

Item: HD Stainless Swivels

Added April 2015

Item: Tapered Rubber Adapter

Added July 2015

Item: LED Power Supplies

Added July 2015

Item: High Voltage Wall Pass Thru System

Added Aug 2015

Item: Neon Electrode Holders

Added July 2016

Item: 1-Pound "Tinned" Copper Tie Wire

Added Aug 2016

Item: Now stocking "White" GTO Sleeving

Added Aug 2016

Item: High Temp Neon Bending/Pattern Cloth

Added Aug 2016

Item: Vintage NEON hardcover book

Added Aug 2016

Item: Collector Set NEON POSTCARDS

Added Sept 2016

Item: China Neon Clocks - Replacement Adapters

Added Sept 2016

Item: Neon Tubing Bending Hand Block

Added Dec. 2016

Item: 5-Pound "Tinned" Copper Tie Wire

Added Dec. 2016

Item: Stazon Water Based Blockout Paint

Added Dec. 2016

Item: GASES: Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon

Added Jan. 2017

Item: High-Temp Silicone Neon Bending Corks Kit

Added Feb. 2017

Item: Replacement Neon Clock Switch

Added Feb. 2017

Item: Stocking 5 Colors of GTO Sleeving

Added July 2017

Item: Neon Pumping DVD

Added Aug. 2017

Item: 1000 Piece Neon Sign Puzzle

Added Aug. 2017

Item: #30 "short" CASINO BUSHINGS

Added May 2018

Added June 2018

Item: 8mm Electrodes Brought Back In
Added June 2018

Added June 2018

Item: "BLACK" Base Supports Brought Back In!
Added July 2018

Item: New Blow Hose Size
Added Aug. 2018

Item: Phosphorus Neon Color Checker
Added Aug. 2018

Item: Letter Mounting System
Added Aug. 2018

Item: Kraft Neon Pattern Grid Paper
Added Sept. 2018

Item: Neon Tube Sizer
Added Sept. 2018

Item: VENTEX Self-Adjusting" Magnetic Transformers
Added Oct. 2018

Item: In-Line GTO Splicers
Added Dec. 2018

Item: Antique BRASS Glass Tube Supports
Added Dec. 2018

Item: Way Cool 
"Motel Sign Puzzle"
Great GIFT Idea!
Added Dec. 2018

Item: Dimming -and- Flashing Neon Transformer