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West Coast Custom Designs, LLC
457 E. Windmere Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85048-1982   USA.

Tel: (480) 820-9517   800-692-6780

(M-F 10am - 4pm West Coast time - closed weekends)

E-Mail:  NEW!

ORDERS    "Thanks" for visiting our web site. We purposely do NOT have a shopping cart ordering system for online orders simply because most of our items are technical in nature & require special attention during ordering. 

To place an order we would prefer that you phone us. You can also E-Mail us. Please remember that E-Mails are not secure and we strongly discourage sending credit card information via E-Mail. 

We ship via UPS and US Mail (when appropriate), usually same day, M-F (See below for payment options).


Credit Card - Visa, M/C, Discover or Am-Ex.  
     We can only ship to the same address that the 
     credit card statement is mailed to.

*Pre-Paid Visa credit card. 
     We can give you the order total. You then purchase a prepaid Visa
     card, which is available at any bank or convenience store.

Pre-Pay - 
     Please contact us for your order total which will include shipping.

    Some orders may qualify for this option. The UPS Driver  
    will collect your money order or bank cashiers check.

WARRANTY    West Coast Custom Designs, LLC warrants each product for the length of time stated in the description of the item. Some items may say "sold-as-is" or "no warranty", such as item's found in the Outlet Zone. In an unlikely warranty situation, it is the Customer's responsibility to return the item freight-prepaid. The returned item will be tested. If the item is found to be under warranty, West Coast Custom Designs, LLC will, at our option, repair, replace or refund the item. If a refund is made, the refunded amount will be the original invoice amount. If the item is found to be non-defective, the customer will be responsible to pay for return shipping. Abuse of any item or using it in a way that it was not intended will void the warranty. For items with power cords, any modifying, cutting or breaking off the ground terminal will void the warranty.

RETURNS  West Coast Custom Designs, LLC is a discount seller of quality products. To maintain the ability to offer these low prices, all items are sold with "no returns accepted". Of course, most item's come with a warranty (refer above). In addition, if we make an error on an item, we will, at our option, replace or refund the item. Any item of error must be returned to West Coast Custom Designs, LLC.

DISCLAIMER    Every attempt has been made to provide accurate information contained in our web site. In the unlikely event we have errored in our presentation: "We reserve the right to correct any error".