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Unlike Neon, LEDs will go dimmer as they age, but not all at the same time. Over a short period of time, sign's illuminated with LEDs become blotchy with bright and dark areas. Random LEDs will also completely fail. Repairing the bad LEDs will also create bright areas because new LEDs have full brightness, where existing LEDs in the sign have already degraded.

There are two remedies for fixing an LED sign that is starting to fail. Every few years, the sign is tore apart and "all" the LEDs are replaced  -or-  to solve the problem forever, rebuild the sign using neon.

With Neon illuminated signs, the brightness remains the same throughout the signs life, even 50 years later. In addition, with neon, when repairing a broken tube, the new tube will match the brightness of the old tubes.

Here are some LED failure examples...
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