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Magnetic / Conventional Neon Transformers
Magnetic Neon UNT Service Pro™ Transformers
Self-Adjusting Outdoor Type 2

  • Coolest Transformer” on the market
  • Solid copper windings
  • Balanced mid-point return terminal
  • Epoxy resin fill, not tar
  • Complies with secondary ground-fault 
  • Normal Power Factor
  • On-board, easy-to-understand, diagnostic LED system to help identify a specific installation issue.
  • UL Listed
  • 3-Year Factory Warranty - see below.

Why Ventex?​


​9,000vt   *Self-Adjusting 4,000vt to 9,000vt

Part #: 67260
Model #: UNT912N3G Service Pro
Input Voltage: 120v 60hz
Primary Amp Draw: 2.61
Output mA: 30mA
Replaces: Any transformer between 4,000v, and 9,000v
Dimensions: 9.85 inches length, 3.625 inches width, 3.875 inches tall
Weight: 18 lbs.
Manufactured: Imported

Cost:   1+ $99.95 ea.       5+ $97.95 ea.      10+ $95.95 ea.

15,000vt     *Self-Adjusting 10,500vt to 15,000vt

Part #: 67150
Model #: UNT1512N3GO Service Pro
Input Voltage: 120v 60hz
Primary Amp Draw: 3.71
Output mA: 30mA
Replaces: Any transformer between 10,500v, and 15,000v
Dimensions: 10.875 inches length, 4.375 inches width, 5.5 inches tall
Weight: 31 lbs.
Manufactured: Imported

Cost:    1+ $119.95 ea.     5+  $117.95 ea.      10+  $114.95 ea.


For warranty concerns on all drop-shipped Ventex products, Ventex requires a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) be generated by Ventex before returning an item. Please contact WCCD to initiate the process. Upon receiving a RMA#, Customer will ship back the item, freight prepaid, directly to Ventex for inspection and testing. Customer will not be reimbursed for the cost of shipping back to Ventex. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the return is packed appropriately to guarantee safe transport back to Ventex.

Ventex, not WCCD, will have final say of the return warranty status of the item. No warranty will be honored for any item found to be modified or abused.

Any item found to be in warranty, a replacement will be shipped via Ground Service. If a Customer wishes return Air Service, Customer will pay the difference. By ordering, you agree to these terms.
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Two 5 amp circuits
One 5 amp circuit

VENTEX Compatible Neon Dimmers

Hard-Wired version

  • One circuit 5 amp (dim's 1 Ventex)  $145 ea.  *VT-DIM-HW-5
  • Two circuit 2x 5 amp (dim's 2 Ventex)  $165 ea.   *VT-DIM-HW-10

Plug-In version  *see photo's below

  • One circuit 5 amp (dim's 1 Ventex)​  $155 ea.   *VT-DIM-PLG-5
  • Two circuit 2x 5 amp  (dim's 2 Ventex)  $175 ea.   *VT-DIM-PLG-10