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Custom Solid State
*Pre-programmed with any combination of effect/s you choose.
*No programing charge!
*For "conventional - core & coil" type transformers.
*Commercial grade.
*Available in 1-16 circuits.
*Grounded cord plug-in -or- hard wire models available.
*Rate control via easy on-board knob.
*Made in the USA.
*One Year Limited Warranty.

*Please Note: In the unlikely event that a controller issue occurs, the original controller must be returned for evaluation. A replacement controller will never be sent out before receiving the original back first. Customer's inside and outside the US must return the controller postage prepaid.
Available Effects
*Random Channel
*1 On / 4 Off
*4 On / 1 Off
*All On and/or All Off
*Scan Back & Forth
To get a quote, we will need to know the following;
1. Type of wiring?

2. Input Voltage?  120vt  -or-  277vt

3. How many Circuits? 

4. What Effect/s do you want programmed in?

5. What is the load type?   Examples: Incandescent Bulbs,
   Conventional Magnetic type neon transformers, Electronic
  Type Neon Transformer/s.

6. What is the Amp draw from the load?

7. Indoor or Outdoor installation?
Hard-Wired                      Non-Grounded Plug-In               Grounded Plug-In