Model 30-01
Signatrol Model 30-01 is a standard duty On-Off flasher units with variable speed controls.

This standard unit is furnished with 50% cams, (single notch) so the “ON” and “OFF” periods are of equal length. The motor speed adjustment allows the overall cycle to be varied from one revolution of the cam shaft in two seconds (30 flashes per minute) to one revolution in four seconds (15 flashes per minute).


Model 30-01 Details

115 volt motor, 50/60 cycle. Also available in 220 volts.

Flasher Size:  4.625″ x 4.375″ x 2.25″

Weight:  2.5 lbs.

# of Circuits:  1

Amps per Circuit:  15A

Flashing Action:  On – Off

Available Cam Cut:  50/50

Flashers per Circuit per Minute: 15 – 30

Total Watt Capacity at 115 Volts: 1725 Watts

Equivalent FMS Brand Flasher:  Model 22-01
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